Recharge Labs

Our easy to use passive yield protocol opens up a lot of possibilities. We've got a lot of great ideas in our community, here are just a few that we're working on.

Reward Vaults

If the impressive yield of R3FI already built-in wasn't enough, you will be able to stake your tokens in the vault for an even higher yield.


More than just modern art, these collectibles pay for themselves by continuing to passive yield farm for you.

Donations that keep on giving

Recharge's passive yield feature allows grants to be allocated that continue to grow and provide continuous support directly to selected charities.

0% Loans

Getting rewarded for borrowing? With Recharge, that's possible. Collateralized loans that reward both the lender and lendee, all thanks to our passive yield farming.

Have an idea?

If you have ideas or additional use-cases for Recharge, join us on telegram and share your ideas. As a community run project, you can be directly involved in building an exciting new DeFi product.