Recharge Reactors

The Recharge Reactor is a powerful protocol that enables one-sided staking of Recharge tokens. Recharge tokens can be fused into reactors in exchange for RCORE tokens.

RCORE tokens have different tokenomics to the R3FI token and will earn different rewards. In upcoming releases, Recharge will buyback R3FI and RCORE to permanently lock them into reactors securing rewards for users forever!

Find out more about our Reactors in our litepaper.

BSC Reactor

Minted 0.0/0.0 RCORE

Fuse R3FI into the BSC reactor and receive RCORE tokens.

Available R3FI: 0.0

RCORE is the static equivalent of R3FI. Users can use the Reactor to Fuse R3FI into RCORE tokens, which can then be held, traded, or staked with future updates TBA shortly.

Available RCORE: 0.0

Split your RCORE back to R3FI tokens from the Reactor Core