Rechargeis the zero-gas reward protocol.

The Recharge protocol is the easiest way to generate a return on your tokens, simply store them in your wallet and they earn yield passively with no extra steps.

Yield is generated and distributed across all chains directly to your wallet (including mobile, browser and hardware wallets).

Recharge Assets

Convert popular tokens into pegged passive-yield, cross-chain assets.

Free cross-chain transfers, dual yield and more.

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In it together.

A decentralized economy working as one, benefiting every token holder without bias or discrimination.

Yield is distributed fairly with no middleman and no team fees.

Recharge Zaps

Free to play raffles, win free tokens and boost yield through referrals.

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Yield, Simplified.

Earn directly in your wallet with no staking required.

Stake. Unstake. Stake. Unstake. What if it was simpler? The Recharge protocol puts the yield directly in your wallet, instantly. No more remembering where your tokens were staked to claim rewards, no additional gas costs.

The 5% RPF dissuades front-running bots and promotes long term holding while generating constant rewards for the community whichever chain they're generated on.

With only 5,000,000 tokens circulating across all supported blockchains and yield being generated from more and more sources as new features are released, Recharge offers an exciting, unique offering in the DeFi space.

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Set slippage to ~6%

Passive Rewards

Instant rewards, straight to your wallet forever.


Vote on important matters and help build the ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Rewards

Combined passive yield from all supported chains.

Convert into RCORE

The only way to obtain RCORE and receive multi-asset rewards.

VIP Access

Free cross-chain transfers, priority access to new products and more...

R3FI Division Zaps

Eligible for our R3FI holders only Zaps.

Recharge Reactors

Each network runs a Recharge Reactor, a powerful rewards pool that developers can connect their smart contracts to, allowing them to distribute $R3FI rewards via their own economic models.

Reactors are fueled by $R3FI tokens and holders can contribute their $R3FI yield, receiving $RCORE in exchange.

With a max capacity of 1,000,000 $RCORE, Reactors are constantly reducing the available supply, and driving scarcity.

Extensible Architecture

Build custom contracts and receive funding from the reactors.

Flexible & Future-Proof

Multi-DEX automated LP1 for flexible liquidity provisioning.

Limited Supply

Only 1,000,000 RCORE available per reactor at 1:1 peg with R3FI.

RCORE Division Zaps

Eligible for our highest value Zaps to win R3FI.

Multi-Asset Rewards

Stake your RCORE to earn rewards from Recharge Assets.

Join the Recharge community

Recharge Finance is entirely run by volunteers, join our growing community to find out more about our project or help build our exciting new ecosystem.